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Dated: June 2 2020

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Several years ago I wrote a personal creed to guide my real estate sales activities. It went something like this: My commitment to opening the door to new relationships on a daily basis is my competive advantage. It separates me from the pack, increases my lead, and assures my success. When I encounter opposition or discouragement or grow weary of proactively generating leads I ask myself, "Who else in my marketplace is willing to do this?" Answer: "No one!"

Those words are just as true today as when I first wrote them. Far too many real estate agents are looking for the easy way. They don't want to make cold Calls. They don't even want to make warm Calls. They want everyone else to Call them! But it's not going to happen. Agents who don't proactively generate leads on a daily basis are doomed to failure at worst and mediocrity at best. Mediocrity in our business means an income so low you can qualify for food stamps! 

I often emphasize that real estate sales is a service business. But we'll never have the opportunity to serve people if we don't first sell ourselves. That means taking the initiative to offer our services to people we know and those we don't. The message is simple: I am a caring, competent real estate professional who is willing and able to help you with your real estate needs. We should be sending that message every day via personal conversations, phone Calls, emails, text messages, social media posts, videos, networking groups, blog articles, and post cards. If that seems like a lot, just ask yourself this question: "Who else in my marketplace is willing to do this?" Answer: "No one!"

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