5 Tips to Improve Curb Appeal This Summer

Dated: June 9 2021

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If you're looking to spruce up your home's exterior or simply wanting a fun summer project to work on, here are five tips to improve your home's curb appeal! Some of these upgrades can be done in as much as a month or as little as a weekend! For even more inspiration, check out this Better Homes & Gardens article for more info.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Whether using wired or solar lighting, light fixtures can be used to accent the home's exterior or light a walkway. This is a huge improvement to your home's curb appeal as it shows off the best attributes of your home while also providing safety and security. 

Makeover Your Mailbox

While a mailbox can express the homeowner's personality, it's also important to have the mailbox mirror the home's trimmings. For curb appeal, you can start by painting the wooden post to match the home or plant a small garden surrounding the mailbox to create an inviting atmosphere.

Create New Planter Beds

For plants, there are a few qualities to look for to increase curb appeal. Size, texture, and color are the chief attributes you want to look for. Look to place these planters at either the corner of the yard or immediately in front of the house for optimal curb appeal. Edge the beds with stone or concrete blocks and choose plants that will frame your home properly. 

Replace Your Downspouts and Gutters

Old, worn-out gutter systems that have been neglected reflect poorly on your home's curb appeal. Replace your rusted or paint-peeled gutters and downspouts with vinyl gutters if you're on a budget or copper systems to give the ultimate look of quality and immaculate curb appeal.

Build a Walkway

Walkways are crucial to providing ideal curb appeal to your home. Instead of the traditional concrete path to your doorstep, opt for either a contoured stone or brick walkway or a colored concrete resurfaced for a less dramatic upgrade. Your walkway upgrade can offer traditional beauty to your home, giving it a level-up in curb appeal.

Which upgrades are you going to make to increase your curb appeal this summer? Comment down below which one you're going to try.

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